Examples- how AstroStrategist benefit clients

Connoisseurs uses AstroStrategist

to achieve her or his outcome

01 Another world

The renowned actor from film industry was under huge work, identity & financial crises. And was on the verge of closing down his nervous breakdown. Market credibility was at stake even after serving 2 decades. Different language industry was targeted as per astro plan,typecast industrial plan altered, self-restructuring, re-branding in another segment was done, Financial payment methods altered, Definitive acting pattern, was given to the personality. Achieved market credibility and great success with first different language film. The market rapidly expanded for him also for the brands endorsed by him with a additional fan following from different world.

02 Amusement park

Well known theme park first time decided to include number strategist considering a growth pattern of established theme park. A flop plan was predicated by well known think tank, advisors. Theme is now designed planned ,arranged as per astro methods. Country is expecting to become a regional and global center for thrill-seekers.With a clear strategy to be the largest leisure and entertainment destination.

03 Film Project

Production house was expecting minimum good profit from the film. Astro plan rejected the idea. Later production house shared all the details related to cast,partnerships,shows-screen numbers,promotional methods etc.Astro strategy suggested to abate the profligate expenditure allocated to promotional activity, lavish tertiary activities.Also to concentrate on basic work.casting methods, launching dates,share holding pattern etc asked to alter. House was unprepared, but supported by members.Revenue boosted threefold than expectation.

04 Television company

The satellite television company having over many channels, was facing a contract problem. The Astro rational plan added a divergent thought of having a newspaper and spiritual channel. Obviously undigested, but supported by board members. Now the company is undergoing smoother operations with additional business units.